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    Question What are these files in folders of this os?

    Hi guys
    I have OS of the WB150F camera. you can download it here:


    I have several question about it:

    1- What do these files do?
    MakeAv, MakeAvf, sde6 and all files in the "Tools" folder
    2- What is the usage of the "brcz.h" file (in this address: \ip\include)?
    3- What is the diffrence between the files of "av" folder and "avf" folder in os folder?
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    Why don't you tell us the sourceforge project name, or whatever the original source of that code is.

    Any decent project would at least have a README in the archive.
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    A curious developer would open them in a text editor and see! You need to switch off the "hide extensions for known file types" in windows - that is important information for developers that you don't want to hide. They are batch files.

    I have taken a look at the files and could answer most of your questions, but to be honest if you have to ask you probably have no business using this code.

    In fact all the source code includes the following:

    2002 ZORAN Corporation, All Rights Reserved THIS IS PROPRIETARY SOURCE CODE OF  

    So it is not clear that you even have the rights to possess this code much less distribute it on forums. So for that reason, you should first be sure that you have permission to use this code. Intellectual property theft is a serious business. The owner of this code has deep enough pockets to sue your ***; and so they should.

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