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    Floating number error

    can anyone find the mistake in the following code:

    int degree;
    float fun01coff[100];
    float fun02coff[100];
    void main()
    printf(" enter the degree of equation\n\n");
    scanf("\n%d", &degree);
    printf(" enter the coeffiecients\n\n");
    int i =0;
    for(i =0; i<= degree; i++)
    scanf("\n %d", &fun01coff[i]);
    int deg = degree;
    float res = 0.0;
    for( i = 0; i<= deg; i++)
    printf("\n printing value of i = %d",i);
    res = res + (float)(fun01coff[i]*(pow(0,deg-i)));
    printf(" \n\n answer = %f", res);

    i wanted to find the value of polynomial for some value of x such as x = 0
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    Well the first mistake is that you've been here for nearly a year, but you're still posting code without using [code][/code] tags.

    So consider your post as being ignored for the moment.
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    Also, just exactly why do you think that there's any mistake in your code?

    IOW, what are the symptoms that lead you to believe that there's a mistake? We cannot read your mind and we don't have time to play stupid guessing games.
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    This line is wrong:
     scanf("\n %d", &fun01coff[i]);
    You've declared fun01coff as float. You shouldn't be using %d to read into it. I'll leave it to you to figure out what the correct format string should be, as a homework assignment :).
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