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    fork() && wait()

    hi there

    okay, this is my program:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <unistd.h>

    int pid;

    itni (int n){
    unsigned long int z;
    if ((fork()) != 0)

    if (n==1){
    for (z=0;z<5000000;z++);

    printf ("-->%d\n", n);

    main (){
    printf ("Begin of Main()\n");
    itni (1);
    itni (2);
    waitpid(0, NULL, 0); // !!
    printf ("End of Main()\n");

    > ./fork
    Begin of Main()
    End of Main() # parent exited?
    -->1 # itni(1) output

    and the question is:

    how I can make waitpid() to wait for both processes till
    they end their jobs?

    I need to make this program work like:

    begin of main()
    end of main

    > gcc -v
    Using builtin specs.
    gcc version 2.95.4 20020320 [FreeBSD]

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    First, know that keeping track of this stuff is a real trick, because the interactions between processes are a lot more complex than you would think.

    The first problem is that your first argument to waitpid, 0, means to wait for any child process to exit. That means that when the first process exits, the wait is done and your program will exit.

    You need to keep track of all the processes that you spawn and not exit until all of the children have completed. You're also getting the error message "parent exited?" because of this. If you want the parent to exit before the children do, you should close all of the file descriptors shared in common in the child, as well as put the child into it's own process group.

    As hairy as all of this sounds, once you get through it all you'll understand a lot more about how your operating system works.
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    Try something like this...

        while (wait(&retVal) != -1){//wait for all other processes to die
            if (retVal){//Clean exit should return zero
                boolQuit = true;
        if (boolQuit){
            cerr << "Got non-zero return value from wait()ing on stored procedures!  Exiting!\n";
    I use this in code that launches a bunch of child processes that I want to wait until they terminate before the main process continues.

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