The function GetFileInformationByHandle with handle from CreateFile function, return always zero parametters: ftCreationTime, ftLastAccessTime, dwVolumeSerialNumber, FileIndexHigh and nFileIndexLow,

if first: the DRIVENAME is remote/network (with UNC spec. name or maped drive ex. 'f:\')
and second: the both machine is running with Win98

I use CBuilder 5.0 (and 3.0 too) with the latest patches.
I try to compile code over NT (including and winxp) and over Win98 machines (with not use dynamic RTL and runtime packages) - the result is the same:(

I found a microsoft article KBA 155861 : "Error in Win32s Compatibility- "The following Win32 APIs and CRT (C Run-time) routines are supported under Win32s, with the restrictions noted,
but I can not understand what is wrong in my libraries - I use Win32, not Win32s in this case?
Can I work around this problem?
Strange to say, the problem is solve if one of the both machines ( !!! never mind lical or remote) is running with NT platform!