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    Need help in writing a code (assignment)

    I need to write a code (in C99). The programe receives an input number (integer) 'n' and then a matrix sized n*n (matrix[n][n]), all numbers are integers. We're supposed to define the matrix's size with malloc.
    Now the program needs to sort the lines of the matrix (the number in each line), in a single function (!) this way:
    even line index (0,2,4,6...): from small to big.
    odds line index (1,3,5...): from big to small.
    and then print it.
    *note: first line is indexed 0, second line is 1, etc.

    I was thinking to sort it with bubblesort function with the following if:
    do odds sorting.
    do even sorting.
    when i is the index of the row.

    my problem is defining the malloc and how do I send the matrix to sorting.
    please help :( even a general direction, or a tip would help.

    If needed I will attach my current (not so good (completly awful)) code and functions as well as an example of what the prog. supposed to do.

    *sorry for grammer.
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