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    Homework question


    I've got to do a homework problem wherein I'm supposed to write a version of strcmp that does not use any C library functions but instead uses pointer notation for the strings it's testing. I'm having some issues here; my facility with PHP and Java is sort of working against me.

    #include <stdio.h>
    int stringcomp(char *string1, char *string2);
    int main() {
      char *string1[5] = "hello";
      char *string2[5] = "tests";
      int test = stringcomp(&string1, &string2);
      if (test == 0) {
      } else {
      	printf("not the same\n");
      return 0;
    int stringcomp(char *string1, char *string2) {
      int counter = 0;
      while (*(string1++) != '\0' && *(string2++) != '\0') {
      	if (string1[counter] > string2[counter]) {
      		return 1;
      	} else if (string1[counter] < string2[counter]) {
      		return -1;
      return 0;
    When I run this code, I get errors on the assignment of the "test" variable -- two "invalid initializer" errors and two "passing argument from incompatible pointer type". I don't need fully written code as an answer but I'd appreciate a hint as to where I'm going wrong here. I tried using (*string1, *string2) as arguments instead, as well as (string1, string2), but the same errors cropped up.

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
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    > char *string1[5] = "hello";
    > char *string2[5] = "tests";
    Remove the array dimensions, you just have single strings.

    > int test = stringcomp(&string1, &string2);
    Remove the &

    > while (*(string1++) != '\0' && *(string2++) != '\0')
    Remove the ++
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