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    Kata Exercise....


    I have a particular exercise called kata that I am required to complete and submit for a position with a web development.

    I know that I can certainly develop great web sites but, this exercise seems so foreign too me. Completing this exercise is a prerequisite to being considered for the job.

    I am familiar with html and xml and some php which is what the job description entails for the selected candidate for the position.

    So anyways, aside from being sort of out in left field with their exercise I fit all the other criteria for this position to a "T".

    I am hoping that I can have someone drop up the code in C programming to complete this exercise.

    Here is the example of what code I have to submit along with documentation and source code etc...


    1. Coding from scratch (not sourcing online)
    2. Documentation
    3. Unit Testing

    The kata exercise for a given candidate is to write a simple application in the programming language of his choice (it can be something that runs at the command prompt) that will recognize a Roman number that has been entered and then convert it to standard numbers. It will also recognize a regular number than has been entered and convert it to a Roman numeral.

    Example 1:
    • Input: XVII
    • Ouput: 17

    Example 2:
    • Input: 9
    • Output: IX

    The application shouldn’t handle any numbers larger than 3,000 and I should be able to put in a number over and over again (Roman or regular) until I decide to the quit the application.

    The kata should be returned with complete source code, installation and run instructions along with what the candidate considers sufficient application documentation, unit testing, and error handling.
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    You should tell your ex-future employer that you are unable to complete their assignment and are clearly not able to meet their coding requirements.
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    Coding from scratch (not sourcing online)
    You have already broken their rules and I bet they google for the phrasing of their assignment to see who's cheating and who isn't. You have already lost. Find another job, where part of "fitting it to a 'T'" is actually being able to perform the core task. Also, I don't know why a web dev firm is asking someone to program in C, but that's neither here nor there since neither of us work for them.

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    • kicken agrees : Considering the requirements say "... in the programming language of his choice", they should have just done this in PHP which supposedly they know.
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