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    Unhappy C++ Memory Allocation Problem

    How can i declare a 2D int array dynamically?
    Thx :(
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    METHOD 1:

    int my_array[4][2];

    The type of an array does not include the leftmost dimension, so the type of my_array is:

    int[ ] [2]

    The syntax for a pointer to that type is:

    int (*parray)[2]

    So, to dynamically allocate memory using new for my_array, you would do this:

    int (*parray)[2] = new int[4][2];

    METHOD 2:
    Another syntax for declaring a pointer to a two dimensional array is this:

    int ** Arr2D;

    (a pointer to an array of pointers)

    To dyanamically allocate memory for that array involves two steps: 1) getting an address for an array of pointers, and 2) getting an address for a one dimensional array for each pointer:

    int** Arr2D;
    Arr2D = new int*[3];

    That would create an array of 3 int pointers. Since an int pointer can point to a one dimensional array of int's, you can use each of the int pointers to store the address of a single dimensional array like this:

    Arr2D[0]=new int[10];
    Arr2D[1]=new int[10];
    Arr2D[2]=new int[10];

    To delete Arr2d, you need to first delete each one dimensional pointer you allocated memory for:
    for(int i=0; i<3; i++)
         delete [ ]  Arr2d[i];
    Then you need to delete the memory you allocated for the array of pointers:

    delete [ ] Arr2d;
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