Here's something I noticed while implementing a EULA for my program. In the CMyApp::InitInstance function, I check a registry entry, and display a eula form if it isn't set properly...return a false value if not agreed (which keys the MFC framework to terminate the program).

Right after a build, the debug output puts a message out "Performing registration" (regardless of debug or release configurations). And low and behold, while performing this registration, my application's InitInstance member is called, but the bulk of the program remains unexecuted. None of the breakpoints are acknowledged, but I can tell the member is executed on registration, since I see the EULA prompt on a fresh build, even though the program is not being executed.

2 Questions: What is happening here? If I understand when this is happening, it only occurs after linking, so it never happens on an end-user's computer, correct?