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I thinks the said errors are not preventing to compile it, there is others error.

"macro redefinition"

the error points to constructions like this.

this one is from CRC32.c (zlib) file.

#ifdef BYFOUR
#  define REV(w) (((w)>>24)+(((w)>>8)&0xff00)+ \
   local unsigned long crc32_little OF((unsigned long,
                        const unsigned char FAR *, unsigned));
   local unsigned long crc32_big OF((unsigned long,
                        const unsigned char FAR *, unsigned));
#  define TBLS 8
#  define TBLS 1
#endif /* BYFOUR */
the builder is claiming that TBLS is declared twice BUT IT IS INSIDE of an #ifdef construction, I don't understand why it is claiming that error, the precompiler should only take one part of the #ifdef , no both.

on other hand it is part of the zlib, it is already tested that compiles ok, with mingw, but in this BUILD -c of DDK 2003 , it seems don't understand #ifdef constructions, HOW CAN BE?.

AFTER DOING A LOT OF WORKAROUND, like writing // on one side of all the #ifdef construction, now only left the C1010s errors, and that are the only ones.

"unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header directive"

TIRED of adapting things, how remove them?.
IT WAS A PAIN IN THE ***!!!! Two working days!!!!

the only one way to remove those errors, is to write at the beggining of each zlib and png .c file, the damm thing

#include "precomp.h"

And the BUILDER don't accepts another filename, like precomp2.h (include if there is an exact copy of the original precomp.h).

But if you writes that, appears a lot of errors about deprecations. So the next line remove those.

#pragma warning( disable : 4995 )

Was a pain in the ***, TWO FULL WORKING DAYS!, on this ****...... and.


DDK 2003 has the builder more featureless and buggy that I used ever!!!!.

But AMAZING, it don't recognize #ifdef functionality when inside of TRUE or FALSE part, are defined the same macro, it says "redefined macro", that is an ancient feature!. WTF!