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    String arrays + functions

    I'm trying to pass a string array to a function which would populate it. Doesn't work the way I have it written below. I get a an error messages: 'string' : undeclared identifier.
    PHP Code:
    //Processor section
    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    const int SIZE 35;        //Max number of students in class
    int NumStudents;

    //Function prototypes
    void DisplayProgramInfo (void);
    void NumOfStudents ();
    void StudentData(string StudentName[], int StudentID[], double FinalGrade[]);
    void ExamWeights (double Exam1Percentdouble Exam2Percentdouble Exam3Percentdouble Exam4Percent);

    using namespace std;

    void main (void)
    //Declare variables
                                        //Number of students in class
    int StudentID[SIZE];
    string StudentName[SIZE];
    double FinalGrade[SIZE];

    //Display general info about the program

    //Get number of students in class
    //Get Student data


    void DisplayProgramInfo (void)

    //Display general info about the program

    cout <<"This program will help you calculate the final grade of each student,\n"
    <<"based on the average of 4 exam grades. It will also display the class average,\n"
    <<"and the max and min grades for the class.\n"
    <<"You can enter data for a maximum of 35 students.\n";

    void NumOfStudents ()
    //Get number of students in class 

    do {
    cout <<"\nHow many students are in the class?\t";
    cin >> NumStudents;

        if (
    NumStudents SIZE || NumStudents <= 0)
    cout <<"\nYou have entred an incorrect number, please try again";

        } while (
    NumStudents SIZE || NumStudents <= 0);

    void StudentData(string StudentName[], int StudentID[], double FinalGrade[])
    //Declare variables
    int i(0);
    //    string StudentName[SIZE];
    double exam1exam2exam3exam4;

    double Exam1Percent(0.0), Exam2Percent(0.0);        //Exam percentage weight 
    double Exam3Percent(0.0), Exam4Percent(0.0);        //Exam percentage weight

    cout << NumStudents;
    //Get exam weights
    ExamWeights (Exam1PercentExam2PercentExam3PercentExam4Percent);

    //Get data

    for (i=0NumStudentsi++)
    cout <<"\n\nPlease enter the student name: ";
    cin >> StudentName[i];
    cout <<"Please enter the ID number for " << StudentName[i] <<":\t";
    cin >> StudentID[i];

    cout <<"\nPlease enter the grade for the 1st exam:\t";
    cin >> exam1;
    cout <<"Please enter the grade for the 2nd exam:\t";
    cin >> exam2;
    cout <<"Please enter the grade for the 3rd exam:\t";
    cin >> exam3;
    cout <<"Please enter the grade for the 4th exam:\t";
    cin >> exam4;
    FinalGrade[i] = ((exam1*Exam1Percent) + (exam2*Exam2Percent) + (exam3*Exam3Percent) + (exam4*Exam4Percent));

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    In the future, please put a comment in your code on the line with the errror, so people trying to help you know where the error is.

    In your program, string is not recognized because only std::string exists as an identifier. I do this after the includes:

    using namespace std;

    Some people say that's bad form and you should only identify the functions you are going to use in the using statements like this:

    using std::cout;
    using std::cin;
    using std::string;

    but that's way too much typing for me.

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