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    ASM: printing out HEX value


    I have a HEX value stored - how do I print out this HEX value? If I just try to print it out, it prints out the ASCII equivalent (ie 4D prints M but I want it to just print 4D).

    It's for the Motorola 68000 processor if that matters.

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    This is a fairly common problem, actually. This post covers the general algorithms for binary to ASCII and ASCII to binary conversions; the code is written in Python, but it should be fairly easy to convert it to any language you choose, including M68k assembly.

    It should be pointed out that the value you have is a binary value, not a hex value, even though it may have been written in hex in the assembly code or read in as a hex value. What you actually want to do is convert the binary value into a string holding it's hex representation in ASCII text. Keep in mind as well that, depending on how you handle printing the hex value, you will probably need a string buffer large enough to hold the string; for hex values, you need two bytes of characters for each binary byte.
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