[IMG]First off I would like to thank you for reading this post and helping me. I am in a very basic programming class. We only work with Flowcharts and pseudocode. We have been assigned a homework assignment and I am stuck, and we have a test next week!

We use a book called Programming Logic and Design 5th edition by Joyce Farrell.

We use Word for the pseudocode but notepad would work. And we use VISIO for flowcharts.

Here is the Exercise:

5a. Watson Elementary School contains 30 classrooms numbered 1 through 30. Each classroom can contain any number of students up to 35. Each student takes an achievement test at the end of the school year and receives a score from 0 through 100. Write a program that accepts data for each student in the school---student ID, classroom number, and score on the acievement test.

Here Is the pseudocode for part 5a that I came up with:

Design a program that lists the total points scored for each of the 30 classrooms.

5b. Modify Exercise 5a to that each classroom's average of the test scores prints, rather than each classroom's total.

I completed the Flowchart for part 5a, and most of the pseudocode for part 5a as well, but I got a little stuck at the end.

I am not sure how to upload a pdf file, that shows my pseudocode and Flowchart for part 5a. Please tell me how so that anyone willing to help me can reference what I have done. My instructor said the Flowchart was correct but my Pseudocode had a small problem.

I can't seem to figure out the Flowchart for part 5b. I would really just like help with either the Flowchart OR pseudocode for part 5b, and then I think I might be able to figure out the other.

Please I really need help and it would be greatly appreciated.