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    Any Batch file Programmers here?!

    I know this might sound easy but I've made an ussessful attempt to script in dos batch file something very simple. The idea is I have some directories (lets say four of them) and I want to delete 3 bogus ones, I already know the good one and have stored its name in a variable %DIREC%. for example
    Directory of C:\dev

    04/12/2006 04:18 PM <DIR> .
    04/12/2006 04:18 PM <DIR> ..
    04/12/2006 04:18 PM <DIR> good
    04/12/2006 04:18 PM <DIR> random11
    04/12/2006 04:18 PM <DIR> random2
    04/12/2006 04:18 PM <DIR> random3
    0 File(s) 0 bytes
    6 Dir(s) 18,289,057,792 bytes free

    the good corresponds to %DIREC%.
    Any ideas? Thanks
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    This might need a few tweaks
    for /d %i in (*) do (
      if not "%i" == "%DIREC%" del /s %i
    The first part gets a list of all the directory names in the current dir.
    The second part deletes those dirs which do not match.
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