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    How to create a hotkey to press a button?

    In a program, I need to click a button frequently but the software doesn't support hotkey. I need to create a hotkey by myself to activate this button. The idea was to create a hotkey or macro script which will emulate a mouse click. I need to find out the button name in order for AutoHotKey or Autoit to identify the button and trigger the clicking action. However, it seems the button is an internal object within the software which isn't visible to windows (through Windows Spy or Window Info tools of AutoHotkey and Autoit respectively).

    Any idea? Thanks
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    Place the window in the top-left corner of your screen. Record a macro that moves the pointer all the way to the top left corner of your monitor, then down to the button and clicks it. Then you can run your macro however often you like, because no matter where your mouse pointer is, it will zoom up to the top left corner, then down to the button.

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