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    What was the first thing you have created when you started learn coding?

    im absolutely dunno but i would like to start so i wanna hear some ideas
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    The first thing you need to do is learn an appropriate language.

    There's no way to say this next bit without sounding like a jerk, but I recommend English for you. 15 words, 3 misspellings, no punctuation, and the sentence doesn't even make sense. Programming is a field mostly comprised of very well educated, english-speaking professionals. "im absolutely dunno" has no meaning.

    As for your actual question (I think): I started out in a child's language called LOGO which is a dialect of LISP. You make pretty pictures with it.

    I moved from that to another child's language that was used for a 3d-modeling program based in DOS. It was loosely BASIC based. I made a short 3d game with it, and a 3d tour of my house.

    In high school I branched out into VB and VBA, doing side work in HTML and JavaScript. Small games were made in these languages, including a Bejeweled clone. Math applications are good for logical processing, I learned a lot from Conway's Game of Life (in VB) and a roman numeral converter (in VBA).

    In college I was formally trained in C#, Perl, PHP, Java, C, C++, Lisp, SQL, and a few others. This was when I got my first job as a PHP developer. I created a multi-front web store that could white label as various companies.

    The rest of my professional experience has been PHP, JS and SQL, with some side jobs into Perl, Python, and Lisp.

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