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    Need some help

    Ok im working on a project, its a personal project not related to my school or work.

    Basically what i need is someone who can read and know what the disassembly language means. Im using dbolly to dissassembly a program.

    If you can help please. PM me on forums or get in contact with me though skype (travis.bledsoe1).

    Ill explain more once you get in contact with me.

    Sorry for the short post just don't really know alot about dissassembly to know exceptly what i need to say. But i want and willing to learn.

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    A solid knowledge of assembler is necessary to make any progress with a disassembler. This post has a number of resources on assembler.

    Even then working from disassembler output is very difficult. Modern compilers perform a number of optimizations producing assembler instructions that obscure the function of the code. You don't mention how much experience with C and systems programming you have, but any non-trivial program will do most of its work through system calls and libraries--you will need to under stand these before you can make much sense of the code.

    On top of all that, there are many uses for disassemblers that are malicious, violate software licenses, illegal or unethical. We tend to avoid answers to questions like that.
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