Hi All,

I am newbee to scripting and need help to create robocopy script
we have one group dumps daily report files to our shared drive creating new folder each day in yyyymmdd format



I need robocopy script to be created to copy only latest date folder and its files from above source to destination share drive below


\\<Server2>\all reports\report

Daily expected result should be (copying yesterday's folder only to destination)

on April 02, 2016

\\<Server2>\all reports\report\20160401

on April 03, 2016

\\<Server2>\all reports\report\20160402

on April 04, 2016

\\<Server2>\all reports\report\20160403

Have tried below robocopy script but it copies all folders instead of yesterday's folder with files.
i believe there must be a some date logic need to be included

robocopy "\\<Server1>\temp" "\\<Server2>\all reports\report" /S