ok I need some help... implementing a list using JSTL/JSP.

I have hardcoded in the JSP what I wish to display. than I will explain functionality.... this is my hardcoded:

<div id="page_body" class="layout_3_column">
    <div id="page_nav" class="column">
      <div id="mailbox_filter">
        <div class="mailbox_name">Home</div>
        <div class="mailbox_addr_1">209 Ontario Street</div>
        <div class="mailbox_addr_2">Kingston, ON K7L 2Y7</div>

        <ul class="menubar_h" role="menubar">
          <li class="menu" role="menuitem" aria-haspopup="true" tabindex="0"><a href="javascript:;"><img src="assets/images/mail_filter_down_arrow.png" /></a>
            <ul id="more_menu" role="menu" aria-hidden="true">
              <li role="menuitem" tabindex="-1"><a href="mailList.a?pageSize=10&addressTypeF=1">All Mail</a></li>
              <li role="menuitem" tabindex="-1"><a href="mailList.a?pageSize=10&addressTypeF=2">Personal Inbox</a></li>
              <li role="menuitem" tabindex="-1"><a href="mailList.a?pageSize=10&addressTypeF=3">Cottage</a></li>
              <li role="menuitem" tabindex="-1"><a href="mailList.a?pageSize=10">Manage My Mailboxes</a></li>
      </div><!-- end mailbox_filter -->

the functionality is that All Mail and Personal Inbox should be hardcoded, except when the user clicks them it is displayed in"mailbox_name"

for the "cottage" hardcode this should really be a list that I am getting called: mailItems.addressFilters

once again if a user clicks on "cottage" aka an item in the list mailItems.addressFilters than the data mailItems.addressFilters.friendly_name should be displayed in "mailbox_name" mailItems.addressFilters.Formatted_Address should be displayed in "mailbox_addr_1" and mailItems.addressFilters.Formatted_Address2 should be displayed in "mailbox_addr_2".

the current hyperlink params are the same... that is "addressTypeF=1" for home... "addressTypeF=2" for Personal Inbox and "addressTypeF=3" for the list items of mailItems.addressFilters

does that make sense???? would be very grateful for help, my JSTL is poor