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    Unhappy Please help me solve this one !!

    please help me solve this one !!

    1.       The Macro program given below displays one character passed to it as an argument on the output screen. Use it complete the Main Proc to display an array of characters on the screen.
    mPutchar MACRO char
            push eax
            mov al, char
            call WriteChar
            pop eax
            myName                               BYTE  “Welcome to Ajman University!”,0
            Main PROC
    Start: MOV SI, OFFSET myName
               MOV CX, LENGTHOF  myName
    L1:     MOV BL, [SI]
    2.       Write assembly program that reads a word from the key board and compares it with an already defined word in the data segment. If the two words are the same it display “Correct Password” else it will display “Incorrect Password”.
    Extra 1 mark: Incase of incorrect password it will give the user 3 tries.
    3.       Description: The greatest common divisor of two integers is the largest
    integer that will evenly divide both integers. The GCD algorithm involves
    integer division in a loop, described by the following C++ code:
                    int GCD(int x, int y)
                      x = abs(x);            // absolute value of x
                      y =  absyes ;        // absolute value of y
                      do {
                        int n = x % y;                  // REMAINDER
                        x = y;
                        y = n;
                      } while y > 0;
                      return y;
    Implement this function in assembly language

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    • medialint disagrees : You'll have to do more than just cut and paste the assignment ...
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    Aoko, this forum is not designed for people to do your homework for you. If you're having trouble, contact your TA or your professor, that's their job. Thread closed.

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