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    Simple program langauge

    I'm planning on a career that includes video game programming, but I have no experience when it comes to actually programming the game. I've used things like "Game Maker" or "RPG Maker" but those are dumbed down for people like me to understand. I want to start programming for real, though. So I want to know where I should start.

    Also, if you have something to say unrelated to the question, then please don't. I've had trouble with past questions where people try acting funny or give me a stupid answer that isn't really even an answer. Thank you.

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    It would help if you could say what kind of games type you want to create.

    One place to start could be with Java or C# .NET.
    But C(++) is also used for example with game engines.

    There is a specific Game Forum.
    You should take a look in there to see if you can find anything useful.
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    There are far too many "games" for us to give you a lot of help, as Fujin stated.

    Quake is written in C

    Half-Life 2 is written in C++

    Angry Birds is written in Java (or Visual C++)

    Console games are written in C Variants with special libraries for 3D math.

    Flash games are written in ActionScript.

    If you want to make "real" games (like Halo or whatever) you'll need to be very very good at C and C++. Really good. Like, better than the 60,000 other high school students who want to be game programmers this month and already know C and C++.

    Why would you plan a career you haven't even tried?
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