Firstly, sorry, I seem to have posted this in the Help Wanted section.... tho I do need help, of a scripting guru for ......

I have 11 network devices (AP's) on the LAN that I wish to reboot daily at given time. That is easy, however I SUCK at scripting.

What I am trying to do, is something like:

the device then asks password
-public [the pass]
device then accepts connection, awaits command
-reboot 10 [reboot in 10 seconds]
device announces intention and ends session

then wait a few seconds, then repeat the whole action
to connect to, repeat the script, up to device 11.

Rather tedious doing it by hand, since it takes about 5 minutes and I know a script can bump the whole lot of them in under 10 seconds .... can someone please be ever so kind and assist me with this rather *silly* script?