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    Nasm and hla kernel

    im writing a os in nasm and hla (mostly hla, short for high level assembly). I just started and have a kernel.asm file and textdriver.hla.

    program textdriver;
    #include( "console.hhf" );
    #include( "stdlib.hhf" );
    	str:	string;
    procedure write( s:uns32 ); //parameters
    begin write;
    	stralloc( 128 ); //allocate space for the params
    	mov( eax, str ); //move pointer to allocated space to str
    	mov( s, str ); //move params to allocated space
    	mov( "$0xB8000", [ebx] ); //0xB8000 is the text graphics buffer type thing
    	mov( 0, ecx ); //set count variables
    	mov( 1, edx );
    		mov( [eax + ecx], [ebx + ecx] ); //move character and their color 1 by 1 to the text graphics buffer
    		add( 1, ecx );
    		mov( 7, [ebx + ecx] );
    		add( 1, ecx );
    		mov( [ebx], edx );
    	until( edx = 0 );
    	strfree( str );	//free allocated space
    end write;
    begin kernel_hla;
    end textdriver;
    and more importantly, kernel.asm:
    [bits 32]
    SECTION .text
    EXTERN write ;external function from hla program
    start: ;beginning
    call write 10,13,"Hello World", 0 ;write Hello World
    jmp $ ;jump to nowhere
    Am i calling the write function correctly???
    also, how can i package these into a bootable file??? (an iso image preferably).

    Note: hla compiles into masm32. There is also i small error in the hla file, if you see it, please tell me
    Any help is appreciated
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