I'm not a PeopleSoft developer, but I have a question about PeopleSoft 8. So, if I use incorrect terminology or am confusing I apologize. I'm working in an environment using a customized PeopleSoft CRM application. I am working on some SQL Server 2000 database schema changes that the PeopleSoft CRM application is using. I want to add an identity column to a table to have a good clustered index on. However, the PeopleSoft developers are telling me that they cannot do a multi-statement SQL command through PeopleSoft to do an insert into the table followed by a Select Scope_Identity() to return the new identity value. Is this accurate? If so, is there any other way to use identity columns on tables used by PeopleSoft? If this isn't accurate, could you give an example of PeopleSoft syntax doing this? Any help is greatly appreciated.