CNE was not that bad after only one year exp. on Netware 6 servers.
Zenworks4 and CNA tests were by far the hardest test. The only materials
required for me was the Novell self study books that my company bought. All
together spent less than 4 months to take all test including the network
plus test required to take the CNA. That test was a not hard because I
already had CCNA cert.
I took the Zenworks test first only because I was installing Zenworks at 8
of out offices and working very closly with it at the time. I recommend
major console time for the exam, and installing it at least on a few servers
before taking the test. I say the CNA test was hard too because of the wide
spectrum of materials needed to pass it. I recommend getting *********
guides for this one as they
reseble real exam questions.