Im trying to create a utility to help maintain my render farm

i have a flash front end that writes a string of server names to the registry something like this


then i have a batch file which retrieves the registry entry and uses it but its just not working how it should

the reg query will spit out this below.....

C:\Pstools>reg query hkey_current_user\so\test\haha

Listing of [so\test\\haha]

REG_SZ          VS      tjg-training1>tjg-cb>tjg-training2
then each server name should be passed along to the rest of the batch file.....

for /f "skip=2 tokens=2* delims=> " %%i in ('c:\pstools\reg query "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SO\Test\HaHa"') do ( 
pskill.exe  \\%%j -u render -p manager server
pskill.exe  \\%%j -u render -p manager 3dsmax
psexec.exe  \\%%j -u render -p manager -s -i -d -low "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\backburner\server.exe")
can anyone see what the problem might be ???

thanks in advance