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    Number System Converter

    i kinda need help here. I've got this project where I can use any language of programming. The program is called number system converter. It's like converting binary to decimal or vice versa. the code would be straight forward as possible, nothing too fancy.
    languages that can be used:
    C (third preffered)
    java (second preferred)
    visual basic (preferred language to be used)
    assembly (least language to be used)

    1) either the user will input using the keyboard or by just clicking on the interface
    2) radio buttons

    limits of characters that can be inputted:
    binary: 8 characters (max: 11111111 or 01010101)
    decimal: 3 characters (max: 255)
    octal: 3 characters (max: 377)
    hexadecimal: 2 characters (max: FF)

    it goes like this:
    when the program is used the user is shown 4 options: binary, decimal, octal, and hexadecimal then after the choice the user gets prompted to enter the number/letter of his choice (maybe 1111 if he chose binary or A if he chose hexadecimal). then after pressing ok, another prompt will pop out telling the user how will it be done, convert it to: binary, decimal, octal, hexadecimal, and convert to all (if the user chose binary in the input stage so in the conversion stage the binary option will be faded). Then after pressing the designated choice, the result pops out.

    please, i really need it. thanks so much in advance. I'll entertain questions/clarifications anytime.

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    • Lux Perpetua disagrees : This is a discussion forum, not a "do my homework" forum. I'm happy to discuss particulars of programming, but blatant attempts to cheat on your homework are offensive.
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    Read the thread posting rules. Specifically, read the rule that says we won't do your homework for you. Doing this in visual basic would take a skilled programmer 5 minutes, and an absolute novice 4 hours. Do your own homework, you may just learn something.

    If you START the project, show some code, and explain why you think it may not be working, people may help. If you post your homework assignment to the board and say please, no matter how nicely, you won't get help.


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