I have developed a package in Microsoft Cobol 2.00 compiler, which creates
.int executable files and the package comprises of 3 .int files. I have
created an icon on desk top for this package (SB2015). Basically, the package
runs from Command prompt (C:\>) when I left click on SB2015 icon.

My programmes are in the directory c:\newmis\phase4sb>. The Main menu
of the package has the following options :-

1) Select records
2) Create report (which is REPORT.TXT, a flat file)
3) View report
4) Quit

For option 3, through my Cobol program, in one of the paragraphs, I have
created a BAT file (viewing.bat). This BAT file invokes WORDPAD.EXE and
I am able to view the report. However, when I exit Wordpad
(there is no Close option for Wordpad), the program control is not coming
to Main menu. Rather the cotrol is going to Windows Desktop and my program
package is minimised as C:\SB2015 and rests on Windows desk top
touch bar, which is below. When I left click over this icon on touch bar,
the Main menu appears on the screen and I am able to Quit after selecting
option 4. I have attached a screen shot (minimised-icon.doc) to show how
it looks when the package is minmised.

The Viewing.bat file is as under :-

@echo off
wordpad report.txt

To test further, instead of Wordpad, I used ne.com (Norton Editor) in
my BAT file. After opening and viewing Report.txt, when I closed NE,
Main menu came back without getting minimised.

Is it because NE is having a "close" option whereas Wordpad is not having
(probably through "Exit" option, Wordpad is exiting abruptly) ??

When I view through Wordpad, I want Main Menu should come to the
screen instead of getting minimised and resting on Touch bar. What
is the Solution ??

P K Dash