Working with case classes, I'm not sure how the declaration for case class objects works

My code is below:

abstract class Tree[T]
case object Empty extends Tree
case class Binary[T](elem: T, left: Tree[T], right: Tree[T]) extends Tree[T]
def preOrder[T](t: Tree[T]):List[T] = t match{
		case Empty => List()
		case Binary(e, l, r) => List(e):::preOrder(l):::preOrder(r)
val test = Binary[Int](1, Empty, Empty)
But the declaration doesn't work. I know the logic for the preOrder method is right. I get an error when declaring Test that it requires a Tree[Int] for the second and third arguments, but Empty is a descendant of Tree. Changing the declaration of Empty to type T gives me this error:

type mismatch; found object p2.Empty required2.Tree[T]

Thanks in advance.