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    EMU8086 - Finding Longest Word in String (Assembly)

    Hi, can any one help me, I need an assembly code that:
    -returns the longest word in a string
    -the longest word with only big letters

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    We won't do your (home)work for you (like it says in the stickied thread at the top of the forum).

    To get help, post your current code and any error messages you get. If your program doesn't give the expected output, explain what you think the code should produce and post what it produces instead. If you're stuck, post what exactly you don't understand. (And place your code/data in [code][/code] tags so it's legible!)

    If you have no idea where to start, this has a few points. Though you might to better getting help from your instructor/TA/peers (forums are a pretty bad medium for step-by-step instruction).
    sub{*{$::{$_}}{CODE}==$_[0]&& print for(%:: )}->(\&Meh);

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