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    Hexa dump and binary problem

    I've dumped hexadecimals of a text using windows debugger. So if those hexa values represent every single character by a single hex value,does it mean its binary is that hexa's converted binary value and pc deals with that character using binary but assembly language and people convert and use it as hexa because it is easy to use?
    tell me if you don't understand what am i asking clearly
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    Your CPU deals with ordered groups of binary digits (bits). Difficult for humans to comprehend. No, not difficult. Tedious.

    Consider the 8 bits
    0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0

    Treated as a number, it's 32. An ASCII printer might print a space character. Useful! The computer program could expand it to display in hex as 0x20 . The computer could use it as an address. Your 6502 microprocessor might execute it as a JSR instruction, and its disassembler might expand the 8 bits to display as JSR . For you.

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