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    Absolutely Newbie, ActionScript 2.0 Help

    I'm new in this forum and I would like to introduce myself. If I've posted in the wrong forum please tell me. I have been buying and trying books that uses AS 2.0 from 2009, mainly of game development. Since that I have become interested in programming but I even didn't understand making algorithms much. The main reason is that I just copied the codes from the book without understanding them. In 2011 I joined the school's Computer Olympiad team. I passed the city selection but failed in the provincial selection. Now I've just graduated from my high school but I'm not in a computer science college. Despite that I have a strong curiousity and recently I have just figured out an algorithm how to make a typing program in Flash. I really want it to be able to use a backspace function and a screenshot function.

    Here is the screenshot of how the program will be. I used brush since I don't understand AS 2.0.

    pbs . twimg . com/media/A-I9cpPCYAARzkG.png:large

    Here is the basic script of the program in algorithmic language. Are there any ways to make an AS language version of this script? If so, how?

    pbs . twimg . com/media/A-JxzqvCIAA6Enb.png:large

    This is the basic script, with backspace functions. The problem is that it can only erase a character just previously typed. Are there solutions to this problem?

    pbs . twimg . com/media/A-Jx2i6CQAAFSjs.png:large

    Your answers will be highly appreciated. Thanks

    PS: The forum doesn't allow me to post images, so just visit the links (erase the spaces). English is not my primary language, in my region it is considered as a foreign language.
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    Is this ActionScript as in Adobe/Macromedia Flash? If so there's a Flash Forum that may be more helpful.
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