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    MIPS Converting integer to float

    I'm really new in MIPS assembly and I am wondering can I do something like:


    Not just three characters number, any length of X and Y

    Please help to write the code

    (Sorry I thought image might describe better and faster)

    Thank you ...
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    You didn't say what exactly is giving you trouble. I'm assuming it's converting integer values to floating point. (Once you have both numbers as floating point values it's simply a matter of division and addition to combine them.)

    Given the simplicity of the MIPS instruction set, it wouldn't surprise me if there is no integer/floating point conversion instruction. You should check the documentation for the assembler you're using; it may provide a function or macro to perform this operation.

    Worst comes to worst, you should be able to construct the desired floating point value in a register and use the mtc* instructions to move it into a floating point register. Your processor/simulator documentation should explain the formatting, (IEEE 754 is pretty standard).
    sub{*{$::{$_}}{CODE}==$_[0]&& print for(%:: )}->(\&Meh);

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