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    Securing a program to a PC


    For the past 2.5 years I have been working on and off on a project to develop a full feature text based game, this is being developed in Just Basic. Progress has been slow but steady, with me fitting this in around work and other parts of my life.

    Recently I have been able to devote more time to this project, the result being that I am making good progress and now have a playable game. I still have a lot of features to add / change and the code needs some cleaning up.

    My long term plan is to release this game as a free download and allow others to download and play it.
    At the moment the game is fully self contained in a single folder, this means that it can be moved between computers. What I would like to do is in some way secure it to a single PC once it is installed, I have done some research and have come up with two possible methods which are possible using Just Basic.

    - Write a file to a different folder location and program my game to look for this file.
    - Read some system values, such as username, PC name, technical details on the CPU and use these to lock the game to that computer only.

    Has anybody tried to do something like this and have any feedback / suggestions on the best way to approach it?

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    I would suggest you spend your time making the game as enjoyable as possible.

    Why would you attempt to "lock" it to a single PC, when it's available for free download anyway?

    Besides, if anyone did want to "steal" it, it doesn't take much to break it.

    Multinationals spend $M on this, and whatever they come up with routinely gets broken on the piracy sites within hours.
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    Agree with salem.

    Anyone who did a count of how many games where people actually had to crack a legal game, just to be able to play it, without the security messing it up?

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