I'm new to c# and have only done application programming at uni. I'm normally a php programmer now but have been asked to do some app coding!

I have an email being sent to a specific address which will end up on a linux box here. We just have the one linux box which also runs samba as the rest of our network is win 2000 servers and win 98 workstations. The email contains various information and an xml attachment containing 0 to n sets of data. The email is encrypted using pgp. All I need to do (:rolleyes: ) is write an app that runs on windows 98 that polls the email address, and if theres email unencrypt it, get the data and the xml data and shove it somewhere (probably a mysql DB). Simple!

The bit I'm stuck on (quite a big bit!) is how do I poll the email address and pick up, read and delete the email?

BTW as we just got the latest Visual Studio I was thinking along the lines of visual c++ or c# for the app.

I dont need the code for this, I've just never had to interact with 2 os's at the same time or tried to manually collect email. If anyone's got some suggestions as to where to start or an artical that might help I'd be well chuffed!

Thanks a lot