Hello all;

I would like help with creating my first MFC. Many of you have helped me within the last few months and I appreciate all of the time and knowledge that have been given so freely. Let me give you a small insight to my background and then to the subject at hand.

I am a Computer Science Major, but unfortunately I have only been employed for Visual Basic and Cold Fusion, exc. but not C++. During college our C++ was centered on Linux and the DEC Alpha, never Microsoft VC++. I have recently been interested in getting closer to the VC++ that resides in all of us "Computer Nerds". Now when I move to a new place and I want to learn my way around, I get in my car and get lost and then find my way back home. Just call me crazy but that's what I do. Programming is no different for me. When I would like to learn a new language, I figure out a task to solve and then create the product to solve it. During my off time, this is what I'm working on now and what many of you have been helping me out with for some time. I have recently finished the first stage and it exceeds my expectations... Thank you all.

I'm now at the second stage of this project, and here is the global scope. I need to create a program with threads, which I have only done in Java and that was years ago, that will read data in from a text document. This text would give directories strings and attributes of files to watch. This program will take this information and watch these directories for any files to be accessed, I think that hooks would be the best way to do this. Now, as soon as this is triggered the program will just annotate the directory and name of the file that was viewed in another text document which the third stage will handle. That is pretty much all that this program must do. But I also want the program to run from the time that Windows starts until Windows shuts down just as a service runs, and the client must never know that the program is running. I have asked people about this and they informed me that this program might need to be a VC++ MFC program. I have seen code for MFC programs but have never really played with any.

So I now ask you all to take me to school. Please help me program my first MFC, if this is what I really need for this problem, so that I my be as knowledgeable as you-all are.