Looking for C, Mysql programming experts to devote their free time to work on a private inhouse chat server. It runs on a Linux/Unix platform, and is coded in C, MySQL C. Needs to be ported from Mandrake linux 7.1 to 9 in order to run.


1. Server is forked as a process, chat runs very fast messages appear as fast as any IRC client.
2. Uses server push technology on IE and Netscape, messages display automatically (no frames) or page reloading.
3. 31 user commands
4. 34 chat room owner commands to fully customise style and colour.
6. User can signup, register, create profiles and start/open their own chat room.
7. Lobby with list of rooms open and users in room
5. Numerous administration tools to run from command line e.g. to /boot chat room (this will kill the port number the chat is running on and then disallow the user from logging in for 24hrs. 3 boot strikes and user account is disabled

Interested?, if so then e-mail me.