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    Question concerning visual c++ 6.0

    I have been messing around with visual c++ 6.0 and I was wondering how I can store what a user puts in an input box into a variable. Later when the user hits like maybe add(if its a calculator) a message box will be displayed with the sum of the two numbers the user inputed. I have Sams Teach yourself Visual C++ 6.0 but I haven't found in the book how to do this. Thanks for all help and advice provided.
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    something like (MFC):
    char *str=myCWnd->EditField1->GetText();
    or for API programming:
    char *str=SendMessage(InputForm->EditField1->Handle, WM_GETTEXT, 0, 0);

    i am not sure about the syntax as i am not doing any GUI windows programming in C/C++, but shouldn´t this be trivial...?
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    >>I was wondering how I can store what a user puts in an input box into a variable

    Process the WM_COMMAND msg for the control

    Different type of control have different msg's.

    case WM_COMMAND:
          	idControl = GET_WM_COMMAND_ID( wParam, lParam) ;
                       case ID_INPUT_BOX:   
                       //is a button
    		   if(BN_CLICKED == HIWORD(wParam))
                       //is an edit
                       if (EN_CHANGE == HIWORD(wParam))
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