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    Use of command line argument

    what should yo do with command-line arguments ?
    a)comment them out
    b)use them in the header
    c)document them
    d)use them after the fclose()

    2) Initialization in a C program does not occur

    a)in Variable protolypes.
    b) in variable declarations.
    c)as function arguments.
    d) as the result of a return argument within a function.
    e)I donít know

    Which is not true to create a structure that contains another structure as one of its members?
    a) Declare a structure variable of the type to be nested.
    b) Define the structure that is to be nested.
    C) Define the structure that will hold the nested structure.
    d)Define the variable that will house the nested structure.
    e) donítknow

    Which is not a component that makes up the ANSI standard C function?
    o The function start.
    o The function prototype or declaration.
    o The function call.
    o The function code or definition.
    o I donít know

    A common Link-Time Error is
    o in the source file, either with misspelled names of external functions or with a missing reference to an appropriate header file.
    o improperly spelled keywords.
    o improperly delimited code blocks involving either too few or too many braces.
    o a missing semi-colon following a C statement.
    o I donít know

    Which of the following is nota conditional compilation directive?
    o #if, #endif
    o #if, #eldef, #endif
    o #if, #else, #endit
    o #if, #elif, #endif
    o I donít know

    A constant cannot be
    o a character.
    o a number.
    o a word.
    o a symbol.
    o I donít know

    The notation to refer to an individual structure in the array
    o structure_variable_name[size]
    o array_name[element_number]
    o element_number[array_name]
    o size[structure_variable_name]
    o I donít know

    After you have created a source file,
    o the source code must be translated into a binary version.
    o the source code must be translated into an include statement.
    o the source code must be translated to a human-readable version.
    o the source code must be translated into library functions.
    o I donít know

    With which alternative I/O function do you press [ENTER] every time you enter a single character, to send the
    contents of the buffer to your program?
    0 getche()
    0 getchr()
    0 getchar()
    0 getch()
    0 I donít know

    When passing a structure member to a function, which lype does not need to match?
    o Function call
    o Structure definition
    o Function variable
    o Function prototype
    o I dont know

    Please answer this question

    thank you

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    In the case of question one, neither answer makes much sense. A quick look at the rest of them and they are mostly no better. If after 20 years of using C and C++ I don't know what answer the examiner is looking for then you have no hope. Fire your tutor, if this is indicative of the quality of the course, he deserves it.

    Also since you gave up numbering the question halfway through there is no way to reference them easily.

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