Hi everyone,
I'm trying to make a template that looks like this:

template <class T>
class Vector
   T ** t;
   void add(T * t);

//Implementation (of Vector::add)
template <class T> 
void Vector<T>::add(T * t)
	ensureCapacity(length + 1);
	entries[length++] = t;
Is there something wrong with this code? I get an "unresolved external symbol", for some reason. This is the exception:

xml error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol 
"public: void __thiscall Vector<class XMLNode>::add(class XMLNode *)" (?add@?$Vector@VXMLNode@@@@QAEXPAVXMLNode@@@Z) 
referenced in function "public: class Vector<class XMLNode> * __thiscall XMLNode::getElementsByTagName(char *)" 
I understand that the error occures in void Vector::add(T*), which is referenced by Vector<XMLNode>XMLNode::getElementsByTagName(char*), but how can I solve it?

I get stuck and easily give up when I get these errors (their kind of hard to interpret). How am I supposed to solve these?

Thanks in advance,

Sorry for asking a lot of questions.