A third part software calls my program to execute. My program executes and closes itself. The console appears on the task bar for the length of time the program is executing and then closes. If I click on the console and bring it to the top screen the program finishes and executes in about 4 seconds, but if I let it remain on the taskbar it takes about 10 seconds to finish and close it self. I was wondering why it would end faster when I bring it to the front of the screen. If I wait the 4 seconds it takes to run and then click on the console it closes before it can even come to the front of the screen. It seems like it finishes executing in 4 seconds every time, but the console itself takes longer to close if it is sitting on the task bar instead of being the top window.

I also was wondering if that display console is neccessary since I don't view anything init. I needed te console during debugging, but now I would just as soon not have it open at all, because it seems to slow down the program.