Hi there

I am an IVR programmer. We use IBM's direct talk to create our lines. Now the custom servers that interface with these lines are writen in C. I'm not sure if anyone on these boards is familiar with DirectTalk at all, but I thought I would post here anyways (I have already tried the IBM news groups, but it seems rathe dead).

I need to write a custom server that converts custom profiles (profile/mailbox/id) to WAV files. I'm a semi decient C/C++ programmer so the language isn't the problem. What I'm having problems with is the libaries for DirectTalk's custom servers. Basically I don't know where to begin doing converts.

If there is anyone out there that works with DirectTalk and knows or has done this before, please drop me a line - garth@itouch.co.za

Thanks very much

Garth Michel