Okay I would like to know if this is possible.

I am building my own version of a calculator.
Now I am pretty sure I can handle the basic functions of the calculator.

I have a text file which contains a list of words. Every word needs to become a variable in my calculator. So instead of having
1, 2, 3, 4,...,8, 9, 0 I would have
word1, word2, word3... and so on. The text file is never the same in length, so I could have 5 words or 50.
I would have all the regular functions of the calculator like + - * / () as buttons.

I was invisioning an edit box which has a list of the variables from the text file. You would be able to click on the variable (word1, word2,...) and it would appear in a second edit box, where the entire formula would be contained.

Okay, so what we have are two edit boxes, and about six buttons. click on the edit box for the variable, click on the button for the function, and in the end click a submit button which would store the calculation in another text file.

Yes this question is very long and for me a huge challenge.
I will be making this happen over the next few weeks. (Oh, by the way Ijust started learning VC++ on 4 days ago)
Thanks for you help.