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    How do I get a structure member out of a pointer?

    Hi there,
    Being a novice in C I have lot of question here is one of them and it is in the bugbear of C beginners that is Pointers:

    I have the function signature:

    float timer(struct timespec* ts1)
    struct tm startT;
    startT = *(localtime ((time_t *) &(start.tv_sec)));



    When I compile this I get an error because the method localtime in Time.h expects a timespec structure itself and NOT A POINTER to the timespec structure. Which brings me to the simple question how can I get access to the variable I am behind (start.tv_sec, which is a member of the structure) using the pointer that I have. I want to avoid passing in the structure itself.

    Your input is appreciated.

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    try something like

    tm	*pTime=NULL;//pointer to a tm struct
    time_t	SysTime;//an actual instance of the struc
    //get the time
    time(&SysTime);// the & sends in a pointer to our struct
    //convert to local
    //error check
    if(pTime==NULL)//still NULL
          //handle error
    //to look at an element of our struct pointer use the -> not .
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