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    Question Ole in VC ++

    Hello All ,

    I need to implement OLE in one perticular place. I am dealing in cad / cam softwares(Windows Based).

    I am planning to develope an application which links with already installed windows based CAM software.After linking am planning to use the interface functions available ( as ole technology promises so) to give commands to software.

    In above idea I mean to say an application which am developing will work as interface and CAM software will work as a backend tool for calculation purpose.

    could anubody help me to concritise above idea.


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    It works, but is slow. If you are sending lots of data the performance may be unacceptable (then again, computers are so damn fast, it may be acceptable). I used to use Excel as my report display/print tool (never could get Crystal Reports to work worth a damn) and use OLE to dump the data, but if I were sending more than a hundred or so peices of data, the lag would be noticable (and a couple of thousand peices of data would be anoyingly so).

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