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    Visual Studio won't be able to compile MACRO function with local variable?

    Hi, geeks:

    It seems Visual Studio is not able to build the following MACRO with a new local variable

    #define FAST_SCALE_PQ(X,P,Q) ({						\
       unsigned __x = (X);							\
       func1( __x * (P), __x, __x, (Q) );				\
    GCC seems to work fine. I also tested
    #define TEST_FAST_SCALE_PQ(X,P,Q)   \
        func( ( (X) * (P) ), (X), (X), (Q) );
    still wrong.

    Any work around?

    Thank you very much.

    Best Regards
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    It won't compile because the syntax is incorrect. The statment expression you are attempting to use is a GNU C extension and not ISO C.

    When this macro is used in code it will be replaced with a code block surrounded in parentheses, which is not valid C code syntax.
    If you must use a macro then a well formed implementation would look as follows:
    #define FAST_SCALE_PQ(X,P,Q) do{ \
        unsigned __x = (X); \
        func1( __x * (P), __x, __x, (Q) ); \
    } while(0)
    However if the macro is expected to return a value, that will not work, and you should use a function instead.

    The do...while(0) dummy loop is necessary to avoid other syntax problems (see here for example).

    There is little advantage in using a macro in this case, and many reasons for not doing so (and you have found one of them!). In this case if all you want to do is simplify the interface to func1(), then a wrapper function would be more appropriate, easier to debug, maintain, and understand.
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    I believe double leading underscores are reserved for the compiler writer.

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    • clifford agrees : Indeed; though few compilers would enforce it; its just a bad idea nonetheless.

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