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    100 animals for 100 dollar


    I have to write a program about the 100 animals for 100 dollar. The program is working fine, but now I can't fix it to get it working if one kind of animal is for free. So if one of the inputs is 0. This is the part that worked, for prices not 0. Tried it with a if/else structur and do-while, but it unfortunaly didn't work.
    PHP Code:
    #include <stdio.h>

    #include <stdlib.h>

    int main(int argcchar *argv[]) {


    int cowchickenmice;
    int acaham;
    int total=10000;
    /* prices in cents*/
    int h=100;
    /* 100 animals total*/

    printf("The animal problem\n");                         
    printf("price cow: ");
    scanf("%d", &cow);
    printf("price chicken : ");
    scanf("%d", &chicken);

    printf("price mice :");
    scanf("%d", &m);
    ac=0ac<=totaal/cowac++) {            
    ah=0ah<=(totaal-ac*cow)/chickenah++) {                          

    ac*chicken+ah*chicken+am*mice==total && ac+ah+am==h){



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    Are you quite sure your program is correct? After I change totaal to total, and scanf("%d", &m); to scanf("%d", &mice); the program gives outputs of
    0 20 80
    1 19 80
    2 18 80
    3 17 80
    4 16 80
    for the prices 1000, 300, and 50.

    The animals add to 100 but when I take the matrix product of these with the prices (in dollars) I get
    100 107 114 121 128

    Well, I see the problem in your code. You've lost track of your ac's and ah's.

    Originally Posted by http://www.braingle.com/brainteasers/20263/farm-animals.html
    Your objective is to buy exactly 100 farm animals with exactly 100 dollars. You must buy at least 1 of each animal. You may need some paper!

    The Costs:
    Cows: $10 each
    Pigs: $ 3 each
    Chickens: $0.50 each
    1 pig and 4 chickens would cost 5 bucks, and would be 5 animals. Whoot.
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