I am a newbie to c# threads and need help in implementing a basic task.
I am using below code currently (without using thread) which runs fine.
The concept is to loop through records of a table, pass some table arguments in a function and except a return value and then update the table with the return value.

cmd = new OleDbCommand { Connection = con, CommandText = "Select recid,col_A,col_B from tblData"};
dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();

if (dr.HasRows)
cmdRec = new OleDbCommand { Connection = con };
while (dr.Read())
sReqResult = DoProcessing(dr["col_A"].ToString(), dr["col_B"].ToString(), dr["PARAM2"].ToString());
sSql = "update tblData set STATUS='" + sReqResult + "' where recid = '" + dr["recid"] + "'";
cmdRec.CommandText = sSql;

I want to implement above functionality using threads to speed up the process so that instead of processing the records sequentely, I can run a maximum of 25 threads parallelly. but requirement is to get the return value from the function and update the same in the table.
I have read about threadpool and Tasks (in .net 4.0) but I am not sure how to implement the same. Please guide me with some sample code.