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    Help please *Strings*

    Hello there, hope you could help me out with my question about strings.

    So my question is..
    I have 3 strings , I need to find the second string in the first one(search one string in another string) and then to replace it with the third string.

    For ex':
    a = abcde
    b = cd
    c = xx
    The result need to be: a = abxxe

    Tnx for help :) :hi:
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    Assuming length of b and c are the same, use strstr() and strncpy().
    If the length are different, you need to "complicate" the strncpy(), by using a user-defined function (or code) instead :)
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    Consider that the string will always be split into 3 logical components
    Both <pre> and/or <post> can be empty strings.

    Now, if you do
    x = strstr(a,b);

    Then using pointer arithmetic
    x - a
    gives you the length of <pre>

    x + strlen(b)

    gives you the start of <post>

    Once you know these things, the rest is just carefully chosen strcpy or strncpy calls to assemble the new string.
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