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    "source file not compiled"

    Hello guys,

    I'm using dev c++ ( to write and compile c programs. Recently, I bought a new laptop with build-in windows 8, and I couldn't compile any program from it.

    Here's my very simple program that I've tried to compile:

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main (void)
        printf ("good");
        getch ();
        return 0;
    And here's the warning message :

    Source file not compiled
    I've tried some solutions and searched in the internet for solutions but I didn't find any.

    Is there a way to compile with windows 8 ?
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    This is what the website says...
    System : Windows 95/98/NT/2000
    So that's what - 4 releases (and a decade) of Windows since it was last properly supported. It could be worse I suppose, you could be 2 decades out and trying to run TurboC :rolleyes:

    The compiler that comes with it is vintage 1999.

    My guess, you probably have to log in as administrator and do some awful hackery just to get it to install properly.

    This should be the word of the day.

    If you want a modern compiler and IDE, which works in the same vein as dev-c++, then I would recommend you look into code::blocks
    If for no other reason, you'll be able to use their support forum and get an answer from people who are really in the know.
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